Horneytown 5K
Jacob Warren

You couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day to run in the one part of North Carolina you might have to convince someone exists. The Horneytown 5K was produced by Tri for Hospice along with the help of the Horneytown volunteer fire department. The sun was covered with a thick fog and the fire department was packed with over 240 happy people, creating a brisk and inviting atmosphere.

Tri for Hospice is a non-profit organization in the triad with the goal of raising money for hospice. Since its founding in 2012, the organization has supported over 20 events, including the Horneytown 5k. They started with a goal of raise $15,000 for Hospice and Palliative care of Greensboro and exceeded their goal, raising over $34,000.

Becky Sage has been a resident of the Triad for most of her life. She has been working with Tri for Hospice since it was created. It is fitting that she works so hard to give back to the community that has given her a home.  Becky was first touched by hospice when her mother-in-law was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2006. Becky described their care as “truly life changing”. Hospice provided care not only for her mother-in-law, but also for the entire family. They played a large role in this hard time in their lives. Becky explains that “There comes a time when you’re looking for comfort, not a cure,” and she uses her experience to give back to people who are facing a tough time.

This was the first year of the Tri for Life 5k, but the Horneytown fire department hosted a fun run for a few years and eventually stopped due to low turnout. This is where Tri for Hospice came in, they only asked for the help of the fire department the day of the event.

At Tri for Hospice, Becky did an incredible job marketing the 5k. She brought the numbers up by almost 200 more runners than had participated in the past. All of the proceeds from the 5k go to support Hospice of the Piedmont and the Horneytown Fire Department. Firefighter Kelly Baker said the proceeds from the 5k will help provide training for the fire department and  help pay for projects like the recently built training facility. The Director of Public and Donor Relations at Hospice of the Piedmont, Mary Leslie English, said “we turn away no one” and public support to the community is their most important mission.

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